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How To Pay With Stripe On Sendcash

Exciting news! We are delighted to share that we recently integrated Stripe, a trusted and secure payment gateway, for faster and more reliable card transactions on Sendcash. Here is a breakdown of h…

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How To Send Money Using Payment Links

A Sendcash payment link lets you send money directly into a Nigerian bank account from anywhere in the world. It works great for sending payments to friends, family or business clients in Nigeria. Th…

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How To Use A Sendcash USD Account For Direct Transfers To Nigeria.

This guide breaks down how to create your USD virtual account, fund it and make transfers to Nigeria. How To Create & Fund Your USD Virtual Account.. Step One: Tap 'Receive' and open the USD account…

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How to Deposit Crypto on Sendcash.

You can now fund your Sendcash USD Wallet with BTC/USDT and make multiple transfers from your Wallet at no extra cost. Here is how to fund your wallet: Step 1: Enter the amount you want to deposit. L…

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How to Send Money to Nigeria with a Wire Transfer

If you are based in the United States and looking for a convenient option for sending money to Nigeria, you can easily do a wire transfer to your Nigerian recipient via your mobile banking applicatio…

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How to Send Using the Bitcoin Method

With a platform like Sendcash , you can send money to Nigeria using Bitcoin, and your recipient will receive the funds directly into their Naira account without having to interact with Bitcoin. Amazi…

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How to Send using USDT

Sending with USDT is one of the payment options you can use to send money to Nigeria. You can only send to Naira bank accounts on Sendcash. You cannot send to Domiciliary accounts. Follow these steps…

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How to send with your debit/credit card

Sendcash is committed to providing you with as many options as possible for transfers, so you can always pick the option that is convenient and works best for you, whether it’s Bitcoin, USDT or your…

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How to withdraw from your Sendcash balance.

With a Sendcash USD/GBP account, you can receive wire transfers from friends, family, and employers in the United States & the United Kingdom without hassle. We wrote about how to generate your accou…

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