Send Money to the US

How to add a deposit bank account on Sendcash

To complete wire transfers to the US on Sendcash, you need to make bank transfers from a bank account that you have linked to your Sendcash account. This enables us to detect and confirm your transfe…

Updated 7 months ago by Teju

How to fund your Sendcash account with Naira

Depositing Naira to your Sendcash account enables you to send money to the US. Step 1: Select the "Deposit Naira" Option. After signing in, click on the menu at the top right corner of the app and se…

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Send money to the US from Nigeria

Step 1: Login/Register. After you click "Send money to the US" on the Sendcash homepage, you'll be directed to either login or register. If you already have an account on Sendcash or BuyCoins, you ca…

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