FAQs for Sending Money to the US

How much does it cost to send money to the US using Sendcash
There's a flat transaction fee of $40 for all transfer to the US. This fee goes directly to our US Wire payment processor.
How long does transferring to the UStake?
It takes one business day.
Whose bank account am I sending money to?
To fulfil your request to send money to the US, we match you with another user who is trying to receive Naira into their account. Immediately we confirm that the Naira transfer is successful on both ends, we'll begin to process your transfer to the US.
How do you confirm the transfer?
When you link your bank account to Sendcash, you give us read-only access to your bank transaction history. This enables us to detect your bank transfer and confirm that the recipient has received it.
Have more questions?
Send us an email at [email protected] or join our community at community.sendcash.africa.

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