FAQs for Sending Money to Africa

How much does it cost?
Transferring money to Nigeria or Ghana using Sendcash is free. However, you might be charged fees by the crypto payment processor or Bitcoin wallet app that you use to make payment.
How does the Wyre option work?
Wyre enables you to buy and send crypto to the Sendcash wallet address using your bank card or Apple Pay. Once you make payment, Wyre sends the crypto equivalent of the amount paid to Sendcash on your behalf and we process the transaction to your recipient bank account. This method has a transaction limit of of $1000. Learn more about using Wyre here.
How long does it take for the transfer to get to the recipient?
Transfers are delivered within one business day.
Where can I buy Bitcoin from?
You can buy Bitcoin from any crypto service provider that is available your location. Here's a list of popular Bitcoin wallet apps by location.

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