How To Receive Money Using Payment Links

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With a Sendcash payment link, you can receive money directly into your Nigerian bank account from any country in the world. It works great for collecting payments from friends, family or business clients outside Nigeria.

Other benefits of using the Payment link method include:

  • Zero fees for your senders when they pay with crypto (this does not apply to network fees from the sender's crypto wallet).
  • No sign-up required for your sender.
  • No receiving fees; you get 100% of the money sent to you.

Here is how to create a payment link on Sendcash:

Step One: 

Tap ‘Receive’ on the homepage and choose the ‘Create payment link’ option.

Step Two: 

Add your bank details and also toggle the "Set a fixed amount" button if you'd like to specify the amount to be paid by the sender.

Once you're done, tap the 'Continue' button to proceed.

That's it!

Your payment link has been generated. All that’s left to do is to copy your payment link and share it with the sender.

The payment options available for the payment link are BTC, USDT, and Card or Apple Pay.

If you have any questions, please send a mail to [email protected].

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