How to send money to Africa with card payment on Sendcash

How to send money to Africa with card payment on Sendcash

Sendcash is an easy way for people to send money across borders, using bitcoin. To further ease the process, a card payment option was added recently.  With the card payment option on Sendcash, neither the recipient nor the sender has to interact with bitcoin. Cool, right?

Here’s a step by step guide on how to do this:

Step 1: Visit Sendcash

To send money to Africa via card payment, click on ‘Send money to Africa’, fill in the account details of the recipient then click ‘continue’.

It’s very important to ensure that you’re entering the correct account details.

Step 2: Start the transaction, then click the card payment option.

Click ‘start’ then enter the amount you wish to send, once you do this, click on ‘pay with your bank card’ then click ‘continue’

Note that there is a 3% processing fee for card transactions and this transfer method may take up to 48hours to get fulfilled. You can also choose to sign in. Signing in saves your card information and helps speed up your next transaction.

Step 3: Enter your name and email address to receive notifications.

Fill in the name and email field with your name and email address, you can also check the promo code box to get extra money if you have a promo code.

Once you’ve done this, click ‘continue’

Step 4: Make payment.

Click on ‘make payment’ then fill in your card info and billing  details. Ensure that you’re inputting the correct details. Once you’re done filling in the details required, click ‘pay’ at the bottom of the page. 

Once you’ve made payment, you’ll get a notification on the website telling you  that your payment has been initiated. You’ll also get a mail that lets you know if the charge was successful or not. 

You’re done!

The recipient will get credited to their bank account within 48hours.

If you feel stuck at any point while carrying out your transaction, reach out to for a swift resolution.

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