How to add a deposit bank account on Sendcash

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To complete wire transfers to the US on Sendcash, you need to make bank transfers from a bank account that you have linked to your Sendcash account. This enables us to detect and confirm your transfers when you make them.

Here's how to link your bank account to your Sendcash account:

Step 1: Open the side menu and click "My Bank Accounts"

Click on the menu icon at the top-right corner of the page and click on "My Bank Accounts"

Step 2: Add a Deposit Bank Account

Click on the "Add a Deposit Bank Account" button to link your bank account to your Sendcash account.

You will be redirected to a modal to link your account. Please note that you can only link a bank account that belongs to you. Click on "Continue" and search for your bank.

Linking your bank account gives us read-only access to your bank transactions in order to detect deposits. Sendcash doesn't have access to carry out any transactions from your account.
Search for your Bank

Depending on your bank, there are multiple methods to log into your bank account. Select your preferred method, input your login details and click "Log in".

Log into your Bank Account

Logging into your bank account automatically links it with your BuyCoins account. After successfully logging into your bank account, please click on "Continue" and this bank account will reflect on your BuyCoins profile.

That's it, you're done!

Kindly contact if you have any questions or need help adding your bank account.

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