What Is A Payment Link & How Does It Work?

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Our payment links on Sendcash allows you to receive payment from anywhere in the world directly into your Nigerian Naira account. 

Here’s how to generate a payment link:

1) Click on Receive Cash 

2) Select 'Create Payment Links' 

3) Enter your receiving details i.e. Account number, bank name. 

4) Set a fixed amount or keep it flexible.

 And that's it! You have successfully generated your payment link.

After you generate your payment link, you can share this payment link with a sender, who can then send you money via our BTC/USDT or Bank Card payment options.

Once the payment is completed, your Nigerian bank account is instantly credited with the Naira equivalent of the amount sent.

You can easily click the 'copy’ button to share with your family, friends and business clients etc 

Some benefits of payment links include:

  • Multiple payment options for your sender: We offer a variety of payment methods including the BTC, USDT and Card options. This is to ensure that your sender payment options are not limited. 
  • Zero fees for your sender when they pay with the crypto payment options: We do not charge for any of the payment methods, however, the sender may be charged fees from the originating wallet when they use the crypto option or by our card payment partner on checkout when they use the card payment method.
  • No sign-up required for your sender: Your sender can initiate payments directly via the payment link as they do not need to create a Sendcash account or sign in first.
  • No receiving fees incurred:  There are no additional fees for receiving your payments; you will get 100% of the money sent and received by us. 

If you have any questions, please send a mail to [email protected].

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How To Receive Money Using Payment Links